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October 3, 2005

New: No War But Class War by Beth Moore

Veterans of Labor Wars Found New Solidarity Organization  & Common Sense

Chapters from We CAN Change the World concerning Marxism:
        Hope and Revolution  Communism and Counterrevolution   From Marx to Lenin

A Call for a New Solidarity Movement (html) (.pdf)  &
Fight to Win: A Strategy for Working People  (html) (.pdf)  &
Solidarity Now flyer about the wildcat strikes at London's Heathrow airport (PDF)

The London Bombings and the Class War by Dave Stratman

Back to the Future by Tom Laney

My Father and the Public Good  by Susan Ohanian


 A Tribute to George Cornwell by Larry Solomon

Right and Wrong Responses to Palestinian Suicide Bombers by John Spritzler

Poetry by Gary Corseri: Collateral Damage

Report Cards by Robin Kirkpatrick

Should People Who Oppose Bigotry and Anti-Semitism Support Israel? by John Spritzler

The Triumph of Liberalism by Dave Stratman


MassRefusal Goes International

"No More Blood For Nationalism"


Order the book, We CAN Change The World: The Real Meaning Of Everyday Life by David G. Stratman. Now only $3!


Why We Refused to Vote For President In 2004!
The 2004 Election Pledge

Visit: War Stories, our collection of links to the some of the best antiwar articles on the Web.

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*Most Americans want a society based on real democracy and equality and on the solidarity and friendship that already exist among ordinary people. 

But ordinary working people do not run the show.  More and more, our world is dominated by a small group of extremely wealthy individuals who control the big corporations and the government and impose their values of  competition and greed on the rest of us. Capitalism, like communism, is incompatible with real democracy. 

We need a revolution to defeat this undemocratic elite and build a better society. Revolution is possible because people are already trying to change the world when they defend and promote their values in their everyday lives. The constant effort of ordinary people to do the right thing - to stick together, to share what they have, to listen to and help others, in spite of the persistent  messages of capitalism to just "look out for number one,"  is the realistic foundation for a new world. The logic of extending this effort to all of society is revolution. This is the struggle which will define the 21st century and inspire hope of a better future around the globe.