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Memo to John Kerry From an Israeli Official Re: the Word "Apartheid"

[This memo from an anonymous top Israeli official might have been obtained and then made public] by John Spritzler

May 3, 2014

To: Secretary of State John Kerry

From: XXXXX, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

Re: "Apartheid"

Date: April 28, 2014

Since you apparently do not understand exactly why it is not allowed to use the word "apartheid" and "Israel" in the same sentence, this memo will make it clear by breaking it down in simple easy-to-understand steps.

#1) We are not ignorant about why Jew-haters are able to persuade people that the word "apartheid" applies to Israel. They base their case on a tiny and insignificant, but nonetheless real, germ of truth. Specifically, they point to the facts that a) Israel rules over non-Jews in the West Bank (explicitly with an occupation military force) and in Gaza (from where Israel has nominally withdrawn but, in reality, still exercises the dominant power over the people); and the fact that b) These non-Jews (Palestinians) are not allowed to vote in Israeli elections. Our enemies are therefore able to argue that the Israeli government rules over an ethnic group of people (Palestinians) but does not let them vote, and that this is, by definition, apartheid.

#2) Our enemies, however, are wrong in applying the word "apartheid" to Israel. They are wrong because the word "apartheid" has been stigmatized as inherently evil because it was the word that whites in South Africa used to describe their government ruling over ethnic groups (non-whites) who were not allowed to vote.

#3) You might wonder, "What's the difference between the Israeli and South African cases?" There is a huge difference! In South Africa, the reason non-whites were not allowed to vote was a morally indefensible reason--to make the whites feel more secure. In contrast, in the Israeli case the reason is quite obviously morally defensible--to make Jews feel more secure.

#4) You might wonder, "Why is it ok to deny an ethnic group the vote in order to make Jews feel secure, but not ok in order to make whites feel secure?" The reason is simple: whites can live safely as equals among non-whites, but Jews cannot live safely as equals among non-Jews. Non-whites are not innately haters of whites, but non-Jews are all innately anti-Semites and they are all--covertly if not overtly--so anti-Semitic that, at the drop of a hat, they will murder and kill Jews just because they are Jews. Thus while whites do not need a state of their own in South Africa, Jews do indeed need a state of our own. And obviously if we let millions of non-Jewish Palestinians outnumber the Jews AND let them vote then we won't have a Jewish state, will we?

#5) You might wonder, "Isn't it a false stereotype of non-Jewish people to say they are all anti-Semites?" No, it is not a false stereotype, it is a true one. Even in your own country of the United States, where there are as many, if not more, Jews than in Israel, it is clear that Jews are never safe living among the non-Jews. Just consider how many times in the United States, whenever some trivial wrongdoing by a Jewish individual occurs, the American public has launched a violent pogrom against the Jews. Don't take my word for it. Do the research yourself. See how many innocent Jewish people have been murdered this way in the United States in just the last decade alone! Why do you think there are so few Jews left in Brooklyn?

And it's not just the violence against Jews in the United States. It's also the venomous remarks one hears day in and day out, no matter where one cares to listen, in all walks of life. You hear it in veiled contemptuous remarks about how smart the Jews are. And you see it in plain sight as ordinary Americans exhibit a veritable compulsion to deface Holocaust Memorials all over the country at every opportunity in the course of their daily life. Indeed, go to any Holocaust museum or memorial in the United States and what do you see? Swasticas painted all over it, everywhere! You see this ubiquitous anti-Semitism as huge crowds of Americans come out to applaud the Nazi rallies that take place in one city after another almost every week now. It's as if the people had nothing better to do than to wait for such a rally, and then they just seem to all spontaneously appear to cheer the local Hitler. Shocking, truly shocking! But you are apparently blind to it. Shame on you, Mr. Kerry.

#6) And yet, the anti-Semitism of the American public that can be seen today is just the tip of the iceberg. Why? Because the signs of anti-Semitism that we can see today don't include the far more horrible manifestations of it that will emerge as soon as banks become associated with Jews. We are fortnunate that so far this hasn't happened, but it is only a matter of time. So far, we have been lucky. The "banks too big to fail," the banks that many Americans say are owned by "banksters," the banks excoriated by popular journalists such as Matt Taibi for criminally causing the economic crash that drove so many people into poverty and homelessness during the Great Recession--none of these banks--Thank God!--have yet been associated with Jews in the public mind. They include, for example, the Golly-Egan bank, and the Eddington-Waldorf bank and so forth. But God Forbid there ever would be a bank in the United States that gained a bad reputation and had a name like, say, Goldman-Sachs. Then we'd REALLY see another Holocaust break out in your country, believe you me!

Or think what would happen if, say, lots of Americans ever became as delusional as Joel Stein obviously is and started to think that Jews control Hollywood? One shudders to even imagine the consequence: hardly a single Jew in your country would be left alive!

#7) As all of the above make perfectly obvious, Jews--even in the United States--cannot live safely as equals among non-Jews. Jews can only be safe when they have a state of their own, a state where Jews are guaranteed--by law--to be a majority of the population even if it requires removing most of the non-Jews, as, of course, we had to do to obtain our Jewish state. Jews can only be safe in a state where Jews are thus assured of being a majority of the voters, and where non-Jews who object to this are tightly and severely controlled in an external region (which our enemies malignantly call an "Occupied Territory.") And yes, Jews can only be safe when we destroy all of the evil Palestinians who think that just because Israel is ethnically cleansing them from most of Palestine that that gives them a right to use violence against Israel and deny Israel's right to exist.

This is not wrongful apartheid, it is rightful protection of Jews from non-Jews who are all innately anti-Semitic.

#8) I am sure that the above points clarify for you why you should never, ever use the stigmatized word "apartheid" in the same sentence with the honorable word "Israel."





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