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How the Left Drove 53% of White Women to Vote for Trump

by John Spritzler

November 10, 2016

How come 53% of white women voted for Trump? (Hint: 62% of white women non-college graduates voted for Trump.) Despite all of Trump's reported misogynistic behavior, he won the white women's vote against the woman who ran on a platform emphasizing her abhorence of Trump's misogyny and her aim to "break the glass ceiling" by becoming the first woman president of the United States. How come?

As we'll see, the Left was largely responsible.

Trump told the Big Money folks that American workers' wages were too high, and he publicly bragged about how rich he was, and yet...

Working class whites, (or as the liberal Boston Globe calls them, the have-nots) male and female, voted for Trump. How come? Again, as we'll see, it wouldn't have happened were it not for the horrible role of the Left.

The Trump vote was a giant "Fuck You!" to the ruling elite that working class people correctly blamed for their increasing misery. And Trump voters didn't give a god damn about the undeniable personal imperfections or hypocrisy of their messenger, as long as he expressed their rage at the establishment--which he did, with unprecedented, unbridled and exhilarating enthusiasm!

Why blame the Left?

Here's why. The Left drove white working class people into the Trump camp. How did the Left do that? Here's how. By demonizing white working class people as the undeserving beneficiaries and defenders of evil racism.

All Trump had to do was champion white working class people and refuse to demonize them. It was simple. A no-brainer. And it worked!

The Ugly Role of the Left

The Left, by which I mean the political viewpoint people refer to as "progressive" or "liberal," the views expressed by NPR radio and in liberal newspapers (views that the Marxists defend, by the way) is all about "white privilege" and how whites should acknowledge their undeserved privilege. The Left produces articles with titles such as: "When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression", and "Losing My White Privilege Blinders". The Left's message is that working class whites enjoy an un-earned, undeserved, benefit ("privilege" by definition means a benefit). The implication is that working class whites should give up their undeserved benefits: they should give up the privilege of having a shitty job instead of being unemployed; they should give up the privilege of merely being forced by the police to obey the rich man's laws instead of being killed by the police for having the wrong color skin, and so on.

For example, the Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance project has an article titled, "On Racism and White Privilege." Does this article explain that racial discrimination is a method of divide-and-rule used by the upper class? Does it explain that racial discrimination against blacks and Hispanics by employers and the police and other institutions controlled by the upper class has an anti-working-class purpose? That it deliberately causes non-whites to resent and mistrust whites, and causes whites to look upon non-whites as inferior? That it leads to mistrust and even mutual fear between whites and non-whites? And that this is the purpose of racial discrimination---to destroy solidarity between working class whites and non-whites in order to more easily drive down and oppress and exploit ALL working class people, to prevent working class people from abolishing class inequality and thereby make a MUCH BETTER world for ALL working class people? Does this article explain how this is why, among working class people, An Injury to One is an Injury to ALL? Hell no!

The "Teaching Tolerance" article avoids the "Injury to one is an injury to all" theme like the plague. Instead it says that "White skin privilege serves several functions. First, it provides white people with 'perks' that we do not earn and that people of color do not enjoy. Second, it creates real advantages for us."

The Left does not champion working class whites in their struggle against the ruling elite. On the contrary, the Left tells working class whites the same Big Lie that the ruling class tells them: that they are the beneficiaries of racial discrimination. The Left adds the insulting theme that white workers are the UNDESERVING beneficiaries of racial discrimination. And the hard core Leftists actually physically attack white working class people in the name of "anti-racism"; this is what Leftists did in the Boston area when they used their bodies and concrete-filled barrels to block the white commuters from driving to their jobs on I-93 (even deliberately blocking an ambulance with a patient!) These Leftists targeted white commuters just because they were white, and thereby helped the ruling class promote the idea among whites that anti-racism is just code for anti-white. No doubt this is why the authorities gave these Leftists zero jail time, essentially telling them "Job well done!" And the job WAS well done, as one can see from the responses to the I-93 blockade, for example this one. The Leftist I-93 blockers helped to foment race war. And yet the Left praised the I-93 blockaders' treating working class whites as the enemy, as this typical Left organization, Popular Resistance, did here.

The Left promotes race war and helps the ruling class divide-and-rule the working class.

In this profoundly false race-based divide-and-rule framework, an elitist politician such as Trump, who makes a point of not demonizing white working class people as "white privilege" beneficiaries, is easily portrayed and widely perceived as being a pro-white and anti-black racist. It's thus not surprising that Trump lost the non-white vote. There can never be a movement uniting white and non-white working class people unless it rejects the Left's "white privilege" poisonous framework and replaces it with the principle that among working class people An Injury to One is an Injury to All--an injury, not a privilege (i.e., benefit), to some!

The Problem with the Left is not that it is Weak but that it is Wrong

The Left helps the ruling class in other similar divide-and-rule ways as well, as discussed further in "The Dangerous Naiveté of the American Left," which shows how the Left also demonizes good people for a) fearing the harmful consequences of massive immigration, for b) fearing terrorism, for c) believing that children should not be prevented from knowing and being known by both of their biologcial parents, and for d) thinking that women in a public access shower room have a right to tell a person with male genitalia to leave. All Trump had to do to get working class votes was to refuse to demonize working class people this way when his opponent did. It was simple. A no-brainer. And it worked!

In order to build a movement of the united working class, we absolutely must REJECT the Left and its demonization of good people, and instead build an egalitarian revolutionary movement, as discussed at .


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