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A 9/11 "Dog That Didn't Bark"

by John Spritzler

April 10, 2016

[Also important: "There is no evidence Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11"]

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On the morning of the 9/11 attack, President G.W. Bush happened to be engaged in a photo-opportunity event at a Florida elementary school classroom that was video-taped. Video footage of this classroom event is contained in the video at starting at time point 0:49 .

At time point 1:07 president Bush's Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, can be seen entering the classroom and walking directly to President Bush and whispering something into his ear. According to the official 9/11 story, Card whispered to Bush that "America is under attack!" This is reported in detail by NBC News here.

Please watch this video and carefully observe what Andrew Card does immediately after whispering his message into the president's ear. Consider that Card has just informed the Commander in Chief that America is under attack. Consider that Andrew Card, as Chief of Staff, is the person responsible for conveying the president's orders and instructions to those, such as the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State, who must carry them out. Now see, with your own eyes, what Andrew Card does next.

Does Card wait to hear what orders and instructions the Commander in Chief tells him, his Chief of Staff, to deliver to the Secretary of Defense and other top government officials?

The dog didn't bark

No! Card, as you can see for yourself, after supposedly whispering "America is under attack," immediately turns around and walks away, without waiting for even a fraction of a second to hear what the president might tell him.

Think about this! The Chief of Staff of the nation's Commander in Chief has just told the Commander in Chief that the nation is under attack, and the Chief of Staff does not wait to hear what instructions the Commander in Chief gives him in response! (This is the "dog not barking." )

What could possibly explain this strange behavior of Andrew Card?

The most obvious explanation is that the message Card whispered into President Bush's ear was that things are going according to plan. If this were the message there would be no need for Card to wait to hear from Bush what he (Card) should do.

Can you think of a better explanation?

9/11 was merely one of many ongoing lies and manipulations that the ruling class uses to divide and rule us. Read about this larger problem at "Proof the Ruling Class DELIBERATELY Manufactures "Social Issues" to Divide and Rule Us."

Postscript: May, 2019. While listening to NPR radio I happened to hear Andrew Card trying to explain why, after whispering into President Bush's ear, he immediately turned away without waiting an instant to hear the president say anything. Card said that he did this because he figured there were microphones capturing what the president was saying and therefore he didn't want the president to say anything after hearing his (Card's) message. Does this make sense? If privacy were needed, then Bush could have been expected to say something such as, "Meet me at [such and such] place right away." Also Card said he didn't want the president to leave the classroom because that would have alarmed the students. Does this make sense, that the Commander in Chief should not respond to a violent attack on the United States because that would "alarm some elementary school students"? I think that Card is going on NPR now to explain away his behavior because too many people are starting to draw the obvious inference from it: Card was delivering a "things are going according to plan" message, a message that needed no response, exactly the response that the president made to it.


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