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Is a Rich Gentile Capitalist Any Better than a Jewish One?

by John Spritzler

May 26, 2014

More and more Americans (not to mention others) are coming to realize that the United States is a fake democracy. It is increassingly evident that ordinary people have no real say in what the government does, nor in what any of the major institutions in society do, such as the corporations, banks, universities and mass media from Hollywood and supermarket tabloids to the New York Times. The question is, who IS calling the shots?

This question is very important. Why? Because if a mass movement against fake democracy and for genuine democracy is mistaken about who the enemy is, then it will either self-destructively attack people who are really its potential allies, or it will self-destructively view as friends those who are really its dire enemy.

The two most common answers to the question, "Who IS calling the shots?", are these: 1) Rich Jews (aka rich Zionists, Israel, "the Jews") and 2) Big Money (aka the corporate/banking elite, the plutocracy, the capitalist class.)

The first answer (Rich Jews) is for all practical purposes a subset of the second answer (Big Money.) Those who say the power responsible for our having only a fake democracy is Rich Jews and not Big Money are saying, implicitly at least, that Rich Gentiles are NOT part of the problem and are also saying (again implicitly) that rich gentiles are not our enemy and therefore are our ally or potential ally against the Rich Jews.

Here's the overwhelming evidence that the cause of our fake democracy is Big Money and not just Rich Jews.

Firstly, it is overwhelmingly obvious that in the United States money is power--the real power. And about 52% of the billionaires in the United States are Gentiles, not Jews. Yes, it is true that Jews who are only about 3% of the overall population are extremely disproportionately represented in the ranks of billionaires. But nonetheless, most billionaires in the United States are not Jews. America's Gentile billionaires include the two richest ones: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They also include the Walton family, which collectively owns about $150 billion (more than Gates and Buffet combined.)

Those who insist that only rich Jews are the problem are saying, in effect, that the Waltons' exploitation of their grossly underpaid Walmart employees, and Bill Gates's grossly undemocratic takeover of our public schools to make them serve Big Money at the expense of our children, to take just two examples, are not part of the problem. But they are!

Some who say the problem is only Rich Jews argue that America would be fine if only the Rich Jews didn't make the U.S. government an obedient servant of Israel. It is quite true that the U.S. government does (with an occasional minor exception) consistently support the Israeli government to an extent that makes it seem to be an "obedient servant" of Israel. The same can be said of the American mass media from Hollywood to the New York Times and everything inbetween. Ditto for America's universities. Ditto for American corporations.

There are two theories about why the United States government is so over-the-top pro-Israel. One theory is that the American government has been taken over by and is now controlled by Israel (or the Israel Lobby or Rich Jews). According to this theory, the Israeli takeover of the American government (expressed with a picture of Congress and the words "Israeli occupied territory" under it) is the only reason it has a pro-Israel foreign policy. Otherwise, according to this theory, the rich and powerful Gentile Americans would have a very different foreign policy because their interests are actually harmed by the pro-Israel one.

The problem with this theory is that it fails to explain a huge fact, a veritable elephant in the living room, which is this: None of the Gentile billionaires have raised the slightest objection to the U.S. government's pro-Israel policy. If this policy were being crammed down the throats of Gentile billionaires unwillingly, how come they don't do anything to oppose it? They could, for example, create an anti-Zionist mass media (God knows they have enough money to do this easily) that would simply tell the American people the ugly truth about Zionism--how it is really just ethnic cleansing to enable rich Jews and their generals and politicians to control ordinary Jews in Israel with an Orwellian war against "the Arabs," and how Zionist leaders' contempt for the welfare of ordinary Jews is so horrible that during WWII they refused many opportunities to rescue Jews from the Nazis because the rescue plan involved locating the Jews somewhere other than Palestine. Gentile billionaires could totally turn the American public against Israel's Zionist project in about two months, and make it political suicide for any American politician to side with Israel. So how come the Gentile billionaires don't do this?

They have absolutely no reason for doing it! The greedy interests of America's Gentile billionaires are fabulously served by the current pro-Israel foreign policy. Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a key element of the strategy America's billionaires use for controlling the American public--for maintaining the fake democracy that protects the class inequality all billionaires absolutely need to protect. That strategy is to make Americans feel they need to obey their rulers--no matter how awful they are on issues relating to economic inequality--because their rulers are protecting them from the REAL enemy.

The "REAL enemy"--the boogieman enemy an Orwellian war of social control requires--is, today, "Arab terrorists--anti-semitic, freedom hating, irrational fanatical terrorists." To be credible this strategy absolutely needs there to be Arabs angry at Israel and willing to use violence against it, who can be portrayed in the American media as hate-filled anti-Semites. Israel very conveniently specializes in producing exactly that, with its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to make Israel a so-called "Jewish state." Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Gentiles though they may be, have just as much need as any Jewish billionaire for the boogieman enemy to be credible. This is why the Gentile billionaires are as pro-Israel as any Jewish one. This is the second reason the cause of our fake democracy is Big Money and not just Rich Jews.

If we single out only Rich Jews as the problem, we will lose. Why? Two reasons. First, we will lose the support of millions of people, such as Walmart employees, whose oppressor is not Jewish: they will perceive us as being allied with (or at least having no problem with) the capitalist who oppresses and exploits them. Second, we will also lose because we will wrongly believe that Gentile billionaires are our friends, and this will enable these billionaires to gain influence over our movement to make sure it never poses any real challenge to class inequality or to the fake democracy that enforces it. Those who tell us that our only foe is Rich Jews (or Zionists) are weakening, not strengthening, the movement for genuine democracy and equality.

This is why says the foe is Big Money, and the solution is a an egalitarian revolution for no rich and no poor.


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