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Something Is More Important than Exposing the Lies and Horribleness of the Ruling Class

by John Spritzler

October 26, 2017


Videos and Articles Exposing the Lies and Crimes and Atrocities of the Ruling Class Are Very Useful. But They Are Not the *MAIN* Thing Needed to End the Rule and Crimes and Oppression of the U.S. Plutocracy.

What is the MAIN thing we need to do?

It's this. We need to do whatever it takes to help the MAJORITY of people know the KEY FACT that the ruling class goes to great lengths to prevent them from knowing. What is that KEY FACT?

It's not that we live under a dictatorship of the rich (plutocracy, ruling class, what have you.) This is true, but people ALREADY KNOW IT.

It's not that the ruling class does horrible, vile, things to enrich its members and strengthen its power over us, at the expense of everybody else. Yes, this is true too. But again, people ALREADY KNOW IT. (True, they don't know all the gory details, and it's helpful that people like "Sane Progressive" are providing more gory details, but people already know, from lots of different experiences, that our ruling class does horrible things at their expense.)

It's not that we have class inequality, i.e., some rich (i.e., billionaires, with the real power in our society in which money is power) and the rest (relatively) poor (and hence not having the real power in society.) Everybody ALREADY KNOWS THIS.

Here's the KEY FACT:

The vast majority of people ALREADY want to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor.

This means they would love what I call an egalitarian revolution.


How Do I Know the KEY FACT is True?

I know this because I have asked about a thousand random people in public places this question:

"Do you think it would be a good idea, or a bad idea, to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor?"

You can see me asking 68 random people (no cherry picking, honest!) on the streets of Boston this question, in a video at Ninety-one percent said it was a good (or a great!) idea. Even at a pro-Trump rally, 86% of the people agreed that it would be a good idea, as I wrote about at .

Furthermore, the vast majority of people would support an organization MORE, not less, if it sincerely advocated an egalitarian revolution. I know this because I have asked them, as you can see in this video: .


Most people do not know the KEY FACT. This is why they think egalitarian revolution is impossible and hence why they think it is pointless to even talk about it never mind take serious steps to organize an explicitly egalitarian revolutionary movement. People actually believe (wrongly!) that if an organization trying to win some little reform were to say openly that it was also for egalitarian revolution that it would lose support from the general public, when it's actually the exact opposite--it would GAIN support. This is why even though most people want an egalitarian revolution, nobody says they do; they fear that they are all alone in wanting such a revolution, that the general public is against them on this question. This is why the vast majority of people, who want an egalitarian revolution, are convinced it is impossible. It's because they don't know the KEY FACT, that they are not alone in their egalitarian revolutionary aspiration.

The ruling class doesn't care very much if people hate it

What the ruling class really cares about is whether people think it is possible to remove it from power. As long as people think it is impossible there will be no explicit movement to remove it from power, and as long as there is no EXPLICIT movement to do that it will never happen, because the ruling class, as it is very skilled at doing, can easily co-opt any merely reformist movement; it can grant a reform today (say abolish Jim Crow) and take it back or neutralize it tomorrow (with, say, the New Jim Crow of racist prison incarceration) because it will remain in power.

This is why the ruling class-controlled media (including the alternative media) censor the KEY FACT. They never show ordinary individuals (who would be seen as representative of millions of others like them) expressing an egalitarian revolutionary aspiration.

This is why Democracy Now! (which gets funding from Big Money) will expose some wrongdoing by the rich, but will NEVER reveal the KEY FACT. Its job is to make sure that its audience of the most disaffected people never stops being hopeless about the possibility of egalitarian revolution, from believing (wrongly!) that hardly anybody else wants such a revolution, and hence believing it is impossible.

This is why, when I and others formally requested of Democracy Now! that it interview random Americans across the nation by asking if they thought it was a good idea or a bad idea to "Remove the rich from power, ... [etc.]," Democracy Now! refused.

This is why, when I told the Gallup polling company I wanted to pay them to do a national survey, they were very willing but when I told them what the question was (the same one I asked people in my videos, i.e., if they thought it was a good idea or a bad idea to "Remove the rich from power...[etc]") the Gallup folks said they wouldn't do it.


Easy. Ask random people you encounter as you go about your regular life--co-workers, fellow students, the person who rings up your groceries, the sales clerk where you shop, the bank teller, your postal delivery person or Amazon delivery person, the people in line with you in a store or other event, etc.--this simple question:

"Do you think it would be a good idea or a bad idea to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor?"

It helps to first show people the PDR button, as seen in my linked videos above, with this message on it, ask people to read it first, and then ask if they think its message is a good idea or a bad idea. I'll send you some buttons if you ask me via FB private message or email me at Or you can just write on a three by five card the same thing on the button, "Let's remove the rich from power, have real, not fake democracy, with no rich no poor," show people the card and ask them if they think it is a good idea or a bad idea. Your call.

You will find out FOR YOURSELF that you are not alone in wanting an egalitarian revolution, that you are literally surrounded by people who want such a revolution. (Of course if you ask people if they want Socialism or Communism you'll find that many say NO because these things have a DESERVED reputation for being fake democracies, as I discuss at So don't waste your time asking them about Socialism or Communism, OK?)

Only when the majority of people know the KEY FACT will there be a serious effort to build an egalitarian revolutionary movement to remove the rich from power. ONLY THEN. And yes, this kind of revolutionary movement CAN succeed, as I discuss at .


Until people know the KEY FACT, the otherwise useful videos and articles, etc., exposing how horrible our rulers are will just result in people either nodding their heads in agreement or, depending on which horrible thing is being exposed, expressing doubt. But in either case people will continue to feel it is hopeless to do anything to remove the ruling class from power and make a better world even though they would love for that to happen. And the ruling class will indeed remain in power and continue to do all the horrible things it does.




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