by John Spritzler

April 2, 2018

I dare you to ask the person who delivers your mail this question: "Do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor"?*

If you don't normally encounter you mail-delivery person then I dare you to ask the person who lives down the street from you, or the person at the cash register who rings up your groceries where you shop, or the bank teller you encounter routinely, or the sales person in the store where you shop, or the person in line next to you waiting for a bus or something else, if this is a good or a bad idea. (The idea is what I call egalitarian revolution, by the way.)

Why Am I Daring You to Do This?

The reason I'm daring you to do this is that I want you to discover that you are literally surrounded by people who would LOVE an egalitarian revolution (even though they have never heard this phrase before and--like you!--no doubt think it is impossible because not enough OTHER people want it.)

I want you to see with your very own eyes that it is a Big Lie that only a tiny and hence powerless minority want it. When you and many others know this important Big Truth--that most ordinary people would love an egalitarian revolution--then it will be possible to remove the rich from power as I discuss further here (yes, it really IS possible, DESPITE the 82nd Airborne Division, as you can read about in this short linked article.)

When the Big Lie has been massively exposed as the lie that it is, then, and only then, will people have enough confidence in the possibility of building a huge** and explicitly*** egalitarian revolutionary movement to actually start doing it for real. [Click here to read how this happened in Spain in 1936.] The Big Lie, thus, is what keeps the rich in power! When the Big Lie is widely known to be false, then the days of the rich being in power are numbered, for the reasons I discuss in the article linked to above in the previous paragraph, and again here.

Big Money censors all expressions of a desire for an egalitarian revolution from the mass (and alternative) media that it owns or controls. That is why one never hears such an expression on any radio or television show or in any magazine or newspaper with a substantial audience. Why does Big Money censor these expressions of egalitarian revolutionary aspiration? It does it in order to make people like you believe the Big Lie that hardly any ordinary people (you know, like the people who deliver your mail and ring up your groceries) are in favor of egalitarian revolution. This is why I am daring you to talk to ordinary people to see what they actually think FOR YOURSELF.

What Happened When I Asked Random People This Question?

Look at this video of me asking random people on the streets of Boston this question: click here to see the video. This video is NOT cherry picked. More than ninety percent of the 68 people (or groups of friends) said it was a good (or a great!) idea.

I even asked 50 random people at a pro-Trump rally in 2016 this question. They were all white. Almost all were holding an American flag or wearing an NRA shirt or wearing a Trump "Make America Great Again" red cap. Forty-three of the 50 people (86%) thought the message on my button was a good idea and all 43 of them gladly accepted the button when I offered it to them and many of them pinned it on themselves right on the spot.

Not only in liberal Boston but also in very conservative rural N.H. more than 80% of the people like the idea of egalitarian revolution. I know this because I have asked them (in the town of Unity, N.H. to be specific, where they listen to Rush Limbaugh, not NPR by the way.)

It Takes Great Confidence in The People to Remove the Rich from Power

For you and others to have the enormous confidence required to start building an explicitly egalitarian revolutionary movement to remove the rich from power you need to know, with certainty, this fact: most ordinary people would love such a revolution to happen. It's not enough to wish that this fact were true, or to hope that it is true, or to suspect that it is true. No! You must know that it is true with the same confidence that you know a rock, when dropped, will fall down and not up. That kind of confidence can only come from having lots of conversations, like the kind I am daring you to have, with the ordinary people you encounter in your everyday life.

Are You Afraid?

Are you are afraid of the ordinary people you live amongst when it comes to sharing your desire to remove the rich from power to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor? If so, you're not alone--thanks to the enormous propaganda efforts of the ruling class. If you are afraid, then you have swallowed--hook, line and sinker--Big Money's #1 Big Lie propaganda message of social control. You can reject the other Big Money propaganda lies--about Russia and false flag events, etc., etc.--all you want, and you can talk and write and post about your disagreement with these lies all you want, but as long as you swallow Big Money's #1 Big Lie about ordinary people opposing egalitarian revolution then Big Money knows it will remain safely in power. Big Money will then know that you are not even going to THINK about building a movement to remove the rich from power, never mind actually do anything concrete to begin building such a movement. Is this what you want, for Big Money to remain safely in power forever?

Of course not! So take me up on my dare. Put your fear aside for the sake of making something very good and important start to happen. Discover for yourself that the Big Lie is in fact false. Only then will you have the confidence it takes to persuade others to do the same. And only when this happens on a large scale will it become possible for us to start building the kind of movement that is the ONLY kind that can remove the rich from power--an explicitly egalitarian revolutionary movement.

Do You Have Questions about what "No Rich and No Poor" Actually Means and Entails?

Click here to see "FAQ: Why & How to Have No Rich and No Poor," which may very well address most of your questions and concerns. Almost everybody has questions about what no-rich-and-no-poor entails: how would it work, would it be more or less desirable than what we have today, would it mean more or less freedom, would it mean a more or a less productive economy, how can we make it happen if the rich oppose it with their great military power? A mass movement for no-rich-and-no-poor needs to address these questions so that people gain confidence that there are good answers and that it therefore makes sense to fight to win this goal.

But the first step is to begin a conversation about this with the person who delivers your mail. Go ahead. I dare you!


* I made some buttons (click here to see how to get them) that say, "Let's remove the rich from power, have real--not fake--democracy with no rich and no poor" to make it easy for you to ask people this question, and I'll send you some buttons for free if you send me your postal address. But you can just write these words on a 3x5 card if you prefer, and show that to somebody to ask him/her the question.

** What causes a huge number of people to act collectively and militantly against the established powers? Two conditions are required, and neither by itself is sufficient. 1) People must be certain that their aim (or demand) is morally just (which includes being practically possible, not a pipe dream impossibility or an impossible utopia.) 2. People must be certain that they are part of a large majority (in the relevant sphere of society), not a small minority, in wanting the aim (or demand.) When, and only when, these two conditions are both true, then there is a political sea change, as I learned about from personal experience in 1969 in the anti-Vietnam War movement at Dartmouth college, which I wrote about here. Until these two conditions are both true, however, it is pointless to simply exhort people to take action to "wage a general strike" or anything like that, as some good but very frustrated activists often do. Instead, what activists need to do is figure out how to make these two conditions become true. My dare in this article is designed to help make condition #2 become true. My FAQ article linked to above is designed to help make condition #1 become true.

*** The need for explicitly aiming for an egalitarian revolution is twofold:

#1) Movements against a ruling class often win what they explicitly aim for, but they never win more than that. For example, the Civil Rights Movement explicitly aimed to abolish the Jim Crow laws, but it did not explicitly aim to abolish class inequality (even though practically all who joined the Civil Rights Movement wanted to end class inequality.) As a result, the Jim Crow laws were indeed abolished, but class inequality remained and this enabled the ruling plutocracy to institute the New Jim Crow of racist prison incarceration. Likewise, the South African anti-apartheid movement explicitly aimed to abolish apartheid, but it did not explicitly aim to abolish class inequality. As a result, apartheid was indeed abolished, but class inequality remained and the ruling corporate elite have made life for ordinary black South Africans worse in many ways than even under apartheid.​

#2) People don't get on a bus if they don't know where it's going; likewise people don't join and passionately support a movement unless they know explicitly what it is aiming for and are inspired by that goal. Egalitarianism--abolishing class inequality to have real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor--is the goal that IN FACT inspires the vast majority of Americans when they believe it is possible.



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