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The Liberal Racist Offensive in Boston's Oh-So-Liberal Boston Globe

by John Spritzler

November 20, 2016

Here are two articles from the oh-so-liberal Boston Globe. The first is in praise of an assistant district attorney who finds ways to get violent black gang leaders in jail despite their use of witness intimidation. The second reports on Mayor Walsh's town hall meeting on race. The Boston Globe (and Mayor Walsh) are perceived as liberal and anti-racist. As we'll see, they are liberal promoters of racism.

Article #1 (about "black-on-black" violence in Boston)

Article #2 (about yesterday's Boston town hall meeting on race)

Consider the first article about "black-on-black" violence by gang members. The Globe article takes it completely for granted that there are black gangs with violent members who commit terrible violent crimes against other black people. The article's focus--how an assistant DA is cleverly using the law to prosecute gang leaders--is a (intended, in my opinion) distraction from questioning why these gangs exist in the first place.

Why do these violent gangs exist?

The violent gangs exist because blacks are racially discriminated against by employers and by the American ruling elite that controls the schools, the banks, the police, etc. Here's how it works:

Poor blacks are given a choice. The legal choice is to settle for, at best, a dead-end menial minimum wage job viewed with disrespect by all of society including by blacks and Hispanics. The illegal choice is to join a gang, which is an illegal business [drugs] that, because it is illegal, must use illegal violence [instead of legal governmental violence by the police and judiciary] to enforce contracts and defend market territory; gang membership offers a chance to rise in the business and gain great wealth and prestige. (Note that in the first Globe article, during a black-on-black violent home invasion, one of the perpetrators says to the victims, “This is business. It isn’t personal.”)

Most ("90 percent" in inner city minority neighborhoods)"black-on-black" violence is gang violence. And the gangs exist because of the racial discrimination implemented day after day by the rulers of our society (as discussed in some detail here).

In an egalitarian society, nobody would be forced to choose between the terrible choices that poor blacks are confronted with today. Anybody who was willing to contribute socially useful work reasonably would have as good a standard of living as anybody else, and their respect would be limited only by their ability and willingness to do things that elevated it in the eyes of their fellow economically equal citizens. Ordinary black AND white people would have much better lives! But the rulers of our society want it to remain ANTI-egalitarian, so they try to persuade us that the problems in society stem not from class inequality but from the badness of ordinary people, especially blacks and Hispanics.

The Globe article thus never even hints that the question of WHY violent gangs exist is an important question to answer. The implicit message to Globe readers is, "For some mysterious reason, blacks and Hispanics are, sigh, very violent and criminal people. Be very afraid of black and Hispanic people."

This implicit (unstated) message is far more effective as propaganda than an explicitly stated message. Why? Because an implicitly stated propaganda message gets around the skeptical objections readers would otherwise call to mind if, say, the Globe explicitly stated, "Blacks and Hispanics are a very violent and criminal people. Be very afraid of black and Hispanic people."

The authorities who sit in Mayors' offices and in the editorial boards of mass media such as the Boston Globe and who pontificate about how unfortunate it is that white people have prejudiced views about blacks and don't acknowledge their "white privilege" (see the second Globe article)--these same authorities control public discourse in a manner designed to make people believe that black and Hispanic people are just naturally criminally violent people, because why else are there black and Hispanic gangs and so much "black-on-black" violence? It's very sophisticated propaganda!

The propaganda also says--falsely (as explained here)--that ordinary white people BENEFIT from the racial discrimination against blacks and Hispanics. Thus the second Globe article quotes a person in the Town Hall Meeting on Race to the effect that ordinary whites are the oppressors of non-white people:

"Ruth Georges, 31, who is Haitian, lauded what she called a show of 'strong leadership' by the city. People were 'speaking to communities that are being oppressed by societal structures, and speaking to those who don’t understand that they are part of those structures,' said Georges."

I'm pretty sure that by "those who don't understand that they are part of those [oppressive] structures" the speaker meant ordinary white people, and that the audience understood that was what she meant. I very much doubt that the moderators of this Town Hall Meeting on Race allowed much, or any, expression of the truth--that ordinary white people are HARMED economically and otherwise by racial discrimination against non-whites, and that the oppressor of non-whites is not ordinary white people but rather the upper class and its obedient servants such as the Mayor of Boston and the editors of the Boston Globe.

Let's remove the rich from power, have real--not fake--democracy with no rich and no poor (egalitarian revolution). This is what is all about.



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