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The Way to Stop a Race War is NOT by Taking One Side In It

by John Spritzler

October 29, 2017


A white nationalist named Kyle Chapman is slated to speak at a rally in Boston on November 18 called by an organization named Resist Marxism.

It's worth some time to consider what the connection is between white nationalism and racism and Marxism. Here we go. Let's start with racism.


Racism: Centuries of Divide-and-Rule

The rulers of the United States foment a simmering (and occasionally flared up) race war as a strategy of divide and rule. This has been going on in North America since the British upper class rulers of the British colonies in North America discovered how useful it was. Their genocide of Native Americans and chattel enslavement of blacks were ways of doing it. It requires making one part of the population (called "white" in North America) look down on another part ("non-white") as inferior (less than fully human) and fear them (because the "non-whites" predictably respond to their mistreatment with anger and sometimes violence.)

Today the U.S. ruling class is using its Establishment Liberal wing to foment race war, as I explain in my article, "America's Liberal Establishment Has Done the Heavy Lifting to Recruit Working Class Whites Into White Supremacist Organizations" ( The point I make in this article is that the Liberal Establishment does everything it can to make working class whites believe that whatever is beneficial for non-whites is harmful for whites, that "anti-racism is code for anti-whites." The Liberal Establishment works very hard to censor the key fact, which is that among working class people AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL because the PURPOSE of the injury to one (e.g., racial discrimination against non-whites) is to make it easier to oppress ALL working class people, by undermining solidarity among ALL working class people by fomenting resentment and mistrust and mutual fear between those being directly injured (e.g., the "non-white" victims of racial discrimination) and those not directly injured. To suppress this understanding, the Ford and Rockefeller foundations created an organization called White Privilege Conference that works overtime to persuade everybody (white and non-whites both) that racial discrimination against non-whites is BENEFICIAL (not an injury) to whites, that it gives them "white privilege" (the word "privilege" means, by definition, a benefit.) (For the details on this go to white.html ).


Enter Marxism

One might think that the Left (the Marxist and Marxist-influenced) organizations would be working hard to expose the way the Liberal Establishment foments race war. But sadly the Left joins the Liberal Establishment in fomenting it, as I discuss in some detail in my article, "The Dangerous Naiveté of the American Left" at For example, when the Liberal Establishment (with the help of Richard Nixon) implemented Affirmative Action, it was not to help non-whites, it was to foment race war, as I discuss in my article, "We Need THIS, Not Affirmative Action" at Did the Left expose the true divide-and-rule purpose of Affirmative Action? No! It accused whites who objected to the new government-imposed racial discrimination of being racists. The Left joins with the Liberal Establishment in telling its followers to take one side in the race war, not to expose it.


How White Nationalist Organizations Recruit

If one looks at Kyle Chapman's Facebook page (all about white nationalism), one will see that he includes an article ( News.aspx/236786 ) in an Israeli newspaper describing how white Africaners are being horribly mistreated and oppressed by the blacks in South Africa. Chapman posts this article because it says that whites are under attack by blacks (i.e., the anti-racism movement). This is the main pitch of white nationalist organizations to recruit new members.

This Israeli newspaper article may be mostly lies and exaggeration--I don't pretend to know. But the important point is that white nationalists such as Kyle Chapman think (or at least the top leaders of white nationalist organizations want whites to think) it is the truth. What fuels the white nationalist organizations' recruitment efforts is white people BELIEVING what the Liberal Establishment works so hard to make them believe--that they are under attack by the "anti-racism" movement. I discuss in detail how the Liberal Establishment does this in my article, "America's Liberal Establishment Has Done the Heavy Lifting to Recruit Working Class Whites Into White Supremacist* Organizations" at .


Connecting Racism, Marxism and White Nationalism

I suspect that the Israeli newspaper article is based on at least some very big grains of truth. Why do I suspect this? Because the current government of South Africa is a government controlled by the same corporate elite that ran South Africa earlier with an apartheid system. (See this article for discussion of this: .)

Nelson Mandela was a long time (secretly) leader of the Communist Party in South Africa. Marxism is an extremely elitist, anti-democratic, ideology (as I explain at ) and its extremely negative view of ordinary people (as being brainwashed by capitalism, lacking class consciousness, being bigoted, being only "semi-conscious" even if they are explicitly advocating egalitarian revolution (!!) [as a Marxist recently told me on FB in an exchange that I will send you if you request it of me at]), etc.) causes Marxist-influenced governments to share the same anti-democratic aims as the nominally anti-Marxist pro-capitalist governments. This helps explain why the U.S. armed the Soviet Union during the Cold War [see sutton1.html ].

The big germ of truth in the Israeli newspaper's article is that the government of South Africa, though it is staffed mainly by black people (from the African National Congress which was strongly influenced by the Communist Party) acts on behalf of the same corporate elite that ruled during apartheid. One of the government's chief tasks is to ensure that this corporate elite remains wealthy, privileged and in power, and this requires ensuring that ordinary people in South Africa who want real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor never achieve the solidarity (across race lines) that is required to remove the rich from power and make an egalitarian society.

Thus the South African government no doubt is doing things to turn blacks against whites, things that are likely the basis for the claims made in the Israeli newspaper article that the white nationalist, Kyle Chapman, posts. The South African government is no doubt doing, in its own way, what the U.S. Liberal Establishment (wing of the ruling class) did when it made sure that for many decades working class whites applying for a job or admission to a school received the message, essentially, that, "We're sorry we couldn't give you the position you applied for; we had to give it to a less qualified minority person." It's divide-and-rule.

As I discuss in my article, "What Do 'White Supremacists' Believe?" (at ), the rank-and-file members or supporters of white nationalist organizations are people who think these organizations are the only ones defending them against very real oppression. We need to expose what is actually going on so these people (as well as the rank and file members and supporters of "anti-racism" organizations) understand how the ruling class is using race to divide-and-rule us and keep the billionaires rich and powerful. The very last thing we should do is treat those white working class people who view (mistakenly! as my article linked above shows) white nationalist organizations as their defender against oppression as if they were the enemy. Yelling insults at them ("You're a racist hater") only confirms the wrong view of such people. On the contrary, holding up a sign saying (and other signs explaining why) AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL, would be an excellent thing to do. But have you noticed that the Left virtually never makes such signs?

The Left-Liberal Establishment and the Trump/GOP establishment work as a team for the ruling class. They encourage people to take a side in a race war. One says take the side of the non-whites and the other says take the side of the whites. They don't want people to ever EVER take the side of working class people of all races against the billionaire class. But when that idea is presented to ordinary people they LOVE it. For proof see a) this video of people on the streets of Boston ( ), and b) this report on what happened when I talked to people at a pro-Trump rally ( ).




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