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Here's Where the Illegal Immigrant/Refugee Children Should be Sent

by John Spritzler

July 13, 2014

The illegal immigrant/refugee children arriving at the southern U.S. border from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, should be sent to Beverly Hills, CA and Greenwich, CT and other super rich communities like these. The super rich residents of these towns should be made to give up enough of their great wealth so as to provide for these children the same high quality housing, health care, food, education, entertainment, vacations, and everything else that these rich residents claim for themselves and their children as an entitlement. And likewise all of the super rich in the United States should be made to give up enough of their wealth to provide the same to all the American children who are living in poverty or in conditions that are worse than what the super rich are enjoying.

The reason these illegal immigrant/refugee children are forced to flee from their native countries for their very safety and survival is precisely because the super rich who rule the United States have violently (extremely violently!) killed whoever in these countries have ever tried to create a decent, equal and democratic society there instead of the oligarchic dictatorships that have kept people in abject poverty for the pleasure of U.S. corporate profits. The articles linked to above show this is true.

Yes, of course this will require a revolution--an egalitarian revolution to remove the rich from power, have real, not fake, democracy, with no rich and no poor. This is what PDRBoston.org is working for. Until this happens, the super-rich who control the United States government, and whom all the politicians serve, will use the plight of these children refugees to divide and rule ordinary Americans. They'll make the burden of caring for these children fall on regular Americans who are in economic hard straits already, thanks to America's Big Money ruling elite. Then they'll accuse these Americans of being heartless or racist if they object. They'll pit those who are mainly sympathetic to these children (as we all should be) against those who, quite reasonably, object to being made to bear the hardship of having them all put into the care of their economically strapped communities.

Our rulers won't ever call for sending these children to super rich communities like Beverly Hills as suggested here. But that is exactly the morally right thing to do. And our rulers won't dream of reversing their disgusting anti-democratic, poverty-creating, gang-creating, high murder-rate-creating role in the Central American countries these poor children are fleeing from for their very lives. So we'll have to build an egalitarian revolutionary movement to remove our Big Money rulers from power, and make a decent society with no rich and no poor, where those who work reasonably share, as equals, according to reasonable need and desire, the fruits of their labor.

Send these poor children to Beverly Hills and such places, and make THOSE rich people take good care of them.



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