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Let's Remove the Rich from Power

by John Spritzler

July 9, 2014

Here's an idea. Instead of ineffectually complaining about how the ruling elite (the rich, the plutocracy, or whatever you want to call them) are using their power over us to do terrible things, let's remove them from power and thereby stop them from doing those terrible things.

Instead of just writing (or re-posting) articles about how the rich are doing something really unspeakably awful there, and something horrific here, and something else just as shocking over there, and instead of just telling the world how angry we are--really really angry!!!--at this terrible crime and that outrageous crime, how about we remove these criminals from power?

How about we focus our creative juices on solving the problem instead of just telling everybody about it and expressing our anger at it? How about we stop to notice that most people already know that the rich do terrible things and already hate the terrible things THEY know about just as much as we hate the terrible things WE know about? Educating other people about more terrible things the rich do DOES NOT REMOVE THE RICH FROM POWER, HENCE DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. How about taking a moment to realize--and act upon--this very important fact?

Isn't it obvious by now? The ruling elite doesn't care what we think. They don't care how angry we are at their crimes. They don't care how brilliant our critiques are. They don't care if we have correctly analyzed their strategic plans or not. Nor do they care if we persuade most people that the rich do terrible things. The rich know--even if we don't--that most people already hate the fact that the rich are in power and do terrible things with that power. The rich long ago gave up trying to be loved; they rely instead on people feeling so hopeless about the possibility of removing the rich from power that they won't even try.

As long as we are not about removing them from power, the ruling elite could not care less what we write about them, because they know it will not stop them from carrying out their crimes one little iota. "Let them write and rant all they want," think the ruling elite, "because it keeps them busy and diverted from doing anything that could remove us from power."

How about we start seriously thinking about, and writing about, how to remove the rich from power? In other words, how about we start trying to solve the problem instead of Worshiping it?

Let's start writing articles that start off, essentially, this way: "I think that in order to remove the rich from power we should do [or I've been doing and encourage you to also do] such and such." That's what the people are about.

Maybe you don't agree with the approach that has for removing the rich from power. Fine. What's your idea how to do it? Don't have one? Then maybe you should be thinking about THAT instead of composing or forwarding another article or Facebook post about how angry and outraged you are at the latest atrocity committed by the ruling elite somewhere.

Unless we start thinking and writing and acting (yes, acting in our own neck of the woods, with the people who also live there) with a focus on removing the rich from power, then all we really are is a bunch of observers, with no effect on what actually happens. We're not helping Palestinian victims of Zionism or anybody else. The ruling elite know it. Isn't it about time we did too?


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