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How to Print 5 ½” x 8 ½” Pamphlets of “Thinking about Revolution”

It should be possible to print 5 ½” x 8 ½” pamphlets from the file Thinking about Revolution Small Booklet.pdf on any printer or “all-in-one” which has “duplexing” capability. But setting this up may be tricky and you may very well find that the font size has been reduced. (The width of the block of text on each page should remain at a full 4 1/2”)

You may get better results by printing out the 16 pages of the file one-sided and taking these sheets as a “master” to a copy center or somewhere else where there is a fancy copy machine. If you make the pamphlets yourself at Staples the printing of each one will very likely cost $1.44 (or 9¢ for each of the 16 sides printed).

Staples copy centers have various models of the IBM Workcenter photocopier. Here’s how you would proceed on the Workcenter 5150, which seems to be a barebones version of the Workcenter:

1) Place the 16 sheets of the master in the hopper on the top of the copy machine, face up and oriented sideways (i.e. with the guides farthest apart).

2) On the “Basic Copying” tab make the following selections—
2 Sided Copy→More→1 to 2 Sided, Rotate Side 2→SAVE
Paper Supply→8 ½ x 11

3) Select the number of pamphlets you want to print. (You may want to print only one copy at first to make sure you’ve got everything correct)

4) Push the print button.

5) Use a long-reach (or “deep-throat”) stapler to staple each pamphlet 5 ½” in from the edge. You should be able to use one of these staplers at Staples or you can buy one for about $25. Staple from the spine of the pamphlet in towards the centerfold.

6) Fold each pamphlet in half.

The settings for other Workcenter models will differ somewhat. More sophisticated Workcenter models can (for an additional charge) staple and/or fold the sheets of the booklet. If the machine can fold but not staple it is probably best to fold them yourself (after you staple them), since it is harder to staple folded sheets than flat.

If you have Staples print the pamphlets for you each one will cost you $1.60 if they print up to 12 copies. If they print from 13 to 31 the price will be $1.44 each and the price goes down from there. They will staple and fold them for an extra charge.

Watch for special deals and try bargaining with them. For a quantity of 2,500 we’ve been able to get the price per pamphlet (stapled and folded) down as low as 37¢. This is with a special 30% off deal good until 11/12/2011 and takes into account the “rewards” that you earn, which can be used to pay for future printing.

If appropriate, you could type up local contact information and perhaps a meeting place and time -- and add this information at the bottom of page 30 or the bottom of the title page on your master.

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