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The Answer Is Not Swedish-style "Good" Capitalism Or German-style "Democratic Socialism" Capitalism Or Marxist-style Socialism

by John Spritzler

February 1, 2018

[So what IS the answer? It's egalitarianism, with genuine democracy described here and a sharing economy described here.]

Virtually everybody in the United States knows that it has a terrible economic system that is making society more and more unequal and unjust. People hope that there is a better system that already exists somewhere else that we in the United States can copy and thereby get some relief from the horrible one we now live under.

The most commonly cited examples of better economic systems are what they have in Sweden (sometimes called the Nordic Method or Welfare Capitalism), or Germany (often called Democratic Socialism even though it is a capitalist system) or in self-described Marxist socialist countries in the past (such as the Soviet Union) or the present day Cuba or China.

Please read about these economic systems in the short articles I have written about Sweden (click here) and Germany (click here) and a longer article of mine about Socialism/Communism (click here).

When you have read the facts in these articles, you will see that in all these economic systems, class inequality remains. While the details vary, in all cases these systems entail a small privileged ruling elite holding the real power in society and using it to increase its wealth and privilege and power at the expense of ordinary people. In all of these systems the gap between the few rich and powerful at the top and the rest at the bottom increases. These are profoundly anti-democratic economic systems. They are not what we need. We need egalitarianism, which means real, not fake, democracy with no rich and no poor, as discussed at . Egalitarianism, or something very close to it, existed in Spain between 1936 to 1939 and it worked better than the capitalist economy it replaced, not only in terms of being more productive but also in terms of increasing economic equality and justice. Click here to read about it.


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