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Video: Canadian Journalist on lies about Syria | December 9th 2016

  • An anarchist perspective on the protests in Venezuela, by Rafael Uzcátegui on February 22, 2014 [Please read the comments to this article, which sharply challenge its view. Note that this article and the one below flatly contradict each other about whether the government of Venezuela controls the television stations.]

  • Syria: Here's what we know for sure. 1) President Assad, whether he used chemical weapons or not, is a ruthless dictator, a bad guy, and by no means deserving of support. His support comes from Syrians of certain ethnic groups whom he protects from other Syrians of other ethnic groups as he foments fear and mistrust between ethnic groups to divide and rule, playing some ethnic groups against others. 2) Millions of ordinary Syrians genuinely want a more equal and democratic society in Syria, and they are the good guys. 3) Some foes of Assad (i.e. some of the "rebels") are no better than Assad, and they can be referred to as anti-Assad bad guys. 4) President Obama, whatever his specific intentions regarding Syria, acts in behalf of the American plutocracy (Big Money) and his aims are to strengthen the power of the plutocracy over ordinary people everywhere in the world. Obama's intervention(s) in Syria should be opposed! 5) In the spirit of international working class solidarity, we should support the millions of ordinary Syrians in their efforts to make a more equal and democratic society, and to defeat those with the opposite aims, which includes Assad and the anti-Assad bad guys. 6) The best way to support the good guys in Syria (whose organizations and, if they exist, military forces are difficult to know a lot about) is to fight the bad guys in our own nation (the Big Money ruling elite) whom we know a lot about. Why? Because the bad guys of the world, no matter what conflicts there are among them, stand together in opposing all efforts of the good guys to make a more equal and democratic world. To succeed, we need to remove the bad guys from power in every nation that they rule.

  • Point-by-Point Rebuttal of U.S. Case for War in Syria, by Barry Ritholtz

  • White House document "Proving" Syria's Guilt Doesn't Pass Smell Test, by Dave Lindorff

  • Hebron-style: Israel soldiers' dance with Palestinians angers top brass [ When soldiers in the oppressor's military forces start to fraternize with the "enemy" this way, it starts to make revolution truly possible. This article is about a small scale and limited kind of fraternization, but it provides a glimpse of what can become a much larger scale refusal to obey orders to kill (i.e. to kill people one has been dancing with) people that the oppressor labels the "enemy."]

  • Reflections on 'A Moral Obscenity': How Long Ago Was a War Against Syria Decided?

  • China in Revolt (a close look at workers on strike during the last several years, and indications of changes to come as factories relocate to the western part of China.)

  • Rousseff's popularity plummets in wake of Brazil protests [excerpt: "The poll also asked Brazilians if they were in favor of the protests, the largest to hit Brazil in two decades. Eighty-one percent of respondents said they support the demonstrations. Asked if the protests had resulted in positive changes, 65 percent said yes."}




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