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Trump's Secret Weapon: Well-Intentioned Progressives

by John Spritzler

February 6, 2017

President Trump has a secret weapon: well-intentioned progressives. Here's how that weapon works. Progressives march in the streets with signs that, unbeknownst to them, Trump LOVES. Signs such as these:

"Love not Fear, Refugees are Welcome Here"

"No to Fascism"

"No to Racism"

"No to Homophobia"

"No to Transphobia"

"No to Xenophobia"

Trump loves these signs because he knows that his supporters (who actually outnumber the progressives by the way, as this poll shows*) respond to these signs this way (indicated in italics below):

"Love not Fear, Refugees are Welcome Here": These people are clearly f***ing idiots who love people like the Boston Marthon bombers and the San Bernardino shooters and the 19 Muslims who did 9/11. If these idiots would read the Quran and Mohammed's words they'd know that being a Muslim means wanting to force all the rest of us to submit or be killed, and this is what it means no matter how nice an individual Muslim behaves while biding his or her time to commit jihad.

"No to Fascism": Hell, if wanting to keep Americans safe from radical Islamists makes me a fascist, then I'm a proud fascist!

"No to Racism": Anti-racism is just code for anti-white. It's the poeple with their "No to Racism" signs who are today's racists. I was an anti-racist when it meant abolishing Jim Crow and racial discrimination and agreeing with Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of a world in which his children would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. But NOW "anti-racism" means judging people by the color of their skin: making the score on an exam required to get a job or school admission higher for whites than non-whites, and blaming perfectly innocent people for racial discrimination ("white privilege") just because they're white.

"No to Homophobia": How DARE they accuse me of being a bigot just because I think same-sex marriage is not good for children because it prevents a child from knowing and being known by both of its biological parents. How DARE they! The progressives don't think siblings should be allowed to marry but they don't accuse themselves of being bigots against siblings, do they?

"No to Transphobia": How DARE they call me a bigot just because I have common sense and think that women in a public access shower or locker room have a perfect right to tell a person with male genitalia to leave! These idiots hate the law in North Carolina, but that law makes perfect sense. If a person surgically changes their sex they can easily have the gender on the birth certificate changed and then use the facilities for people with their new gender. That's not bigotry! It's common sense.

"No to Xenophobia": If wanting to control our nation's borders so we aren't overrun with illegal immigrants sponging off our taxes and taking away jobs from Americans, then ok, I'm a proud xenophobe!

The pro-Trump newspaper,, formerly run by Trump's top advisor Steve Bannon, loves to report on progressive demonstrations, because it knows how they reinforce support for Trump.

Where Do Progressives Go Wrong?

Progressives live in a media cocoon spun by NPR and the New York Times and the Guardian and The Nation and the rest of the liberal media. Progressives virtually never listen to right wing talk radio or read As a result, progressives have no idea how they are perceived by the other HALF (if not more) of the population. Progressives haven't a clue that LOTS of people think "anti-racism" is just code for anti-white. They have no idea that many people oppose same-sex marriage for reasons having to do with concern for children and not "homophobia" or Bible fundamentalism. They don't know that some homosexuals oppose same-sex marriage for the very same reason. They don't know that one can change the gender on one's birth certificate, which makes the North Carolina "bathroom" law perfectly reasonable. They don't know or understand this because the liberal wing of the ruling class uses the liberal media to make sure they remain ignorant.

The most important thing progressives don't know is this. What happens if you ask white pro-Trump supporters who wear the "Make America Great Again" cap and support the NRA and like to wave American flags this question:

"Do you agree that we should remove the rich from power to have real--not fake--democracy with no rich and no poor?"

I went to a pro-Trump rally last July and asked 50 randomly selected such pro-Trump supporters this question. 86% of them said they agreed, enthusiastically! Each of them took a button with those words when I offered it and many pinned it on themselves right on the spot. One woman offered me a bottle of cold water (it was a very hot day). Only 8% strongly disagreed, and 6% didn't know what they thought.

The ruling class wants the progressive half of the population to have utter contempt for Trump supporters. Why?

* To prevent progressives from reaching out to the 86% of Trump supporters to build a movement to remove the rich from power to have real--not fake--democracy with no rich and no poor; that's why.

* To prevent progressives from viewing most Trump supporters as people who are fundamentally on the same side, but who believe Big Lies (about Muslims, especially) that the government has worked hard to make them believe (with things such as the 9/11 inside job and secret U.S. government backing of ISIS.)

* To prevent progressives from focusing on the question of how to communicate--respectfully and PERSUASIVELY--with Trump supporters.

The ruling class wants progressives, instead, to insult Trump supporters, to call them racists and fascists and so forth. This guarantees that there will be no dangerous (to the ruling class) respectful and persuasive communication between the progressive and the conservative halves of the population.


The first step is to understand what the problem is. I hope you do now.

The next step is to stop insulting (unintentionally, I know) Trump supporters. Drop the "anti-racism" and "anti-fascism" and "anti-homophobia" and "anti-fascist" and "anti-transphobia" themes; they have been created by the ruling class as a TRAP. Read about this in detail here and here.

This alone will begin to make it possible for progressives to at least be listened to by Trump supporters, which is not the case presently. Then progressives must figure out how to be persuasive. We must carefully identify what, exactly, are the lies that Trump supporters believe, and what, exactly, is the evidence that these are indeed lies. Then we can--respectfully!--direct the attention of Trump supporters to this evidence, for example the links about Muslims here and here and here.

We can, for example, start to talk about illegal immigration persuasively, as is attempted here and here and make sure Trump supporters know about things like this.

Once we understand our true task, we can devote to it the same creativity and energy that we've been devoting to the wrong and very counter-productive task (insulting Trump supporters) up to now. This is how we can actually win! is about building a movement of the 90% for what the 90% actually want: an egalitarian society with genuine democracy and no rich and no poor.


* This poll shows 46% support Trump's travel ban; the point is that regardless of whether the true percent is slightly above or below 50%, it's a LOT of people.




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