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In Cahoots

(definition: in conspiracy with someone; in league with someone)







Great pals!

Read more (and see another more intimate photo) about the intimate friendship between Bill and George here.

To see why this is not that strange, read "The Big Decision" adorable. The warmonger couple and the "anti-war" Nobel Peace Prize couple. adorable. A Democrat and Republican warmonger enjoying each other's company.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton were (and no doubt still are) BFF: "Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have a lot in common – they are both working mothers and authors in their 30s who grew up in the public eye with power player parents. And, of course, the two first daughters both famously joined their respective dad and mom, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, when the two American icons went head to head in 2016’s contentious presidential race, in which President Trump emerged the winner. A few years ago Chelsea and Ivanka could easily have been described as BFFs. "Ivanka and I talk about everything," Chelsea told Entertainment Tonight in 2015. "I'm so grateful she's my friend. I think she's a great woman. I support her – I support all my friends.” But where to the two high profile women stand now?" [from )

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