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Elizabeth Warren Wants Public Schools to Serve Big Business

by John Spritzler

April 29,2014

Here's Senator Elizabeth Warren's own words about the purpose of our public schools, taken from her own website. She writes:


"Good public schools, good community colleges, good public universities, and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world. Well-trained workers are cost effective, and they can give us a powerful competitive advantage in world markets. Investments in our people pay the highest dividends and must become one of our highest priorities."

Can you guess who exactly it is that Senator Warren is referring to with her little word, "us," above? Her "us" clearly refers to the people who are "given" (by the public schools) a "workforce better than any in the world." It refers to the people who want a "cost effective" workforce, who want a workforce that provides them a "competitive advantage in world markets," who think of workers as an "investment" that will "pay the highest dividents." In other words, Warren's "us" is Big Business!

You will not read one word by Warren about how public schools should prepare students to make our society more equal and democratic, or help students understand the truth about our society being a dictatorship of the rich. Oh no! Warren is focused instead on preaching the Big Business gospel of education--that its purpose is to provide them the kind of workers they want--period.

Warren is as much a representative of Big Business as any other politician. Her service to the Big Money class that rules America is to persuade people who are increasingly angry at the enormous class inequality of our society to channel their anger into voting for the Democratic Party, where it will, of course, not threaten the power of the ruling elite one iota.

Warren's loyalty to Big Business is why she is as over-the-top pro-Israel (i.e, pro-ethnic cleansing of Palestinians simply because they are not Jewish) as any other American politician of any party. Israel's ethnic cleansing serves the Big Money ruling class of the United States, so Warren is pro-Israel--it's that simple.

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