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DNC "Vote" Exposes America's Fake Democracy

by John Spritzler

September 6, 2012


It's gone viral so you've probably already seen it, but in case you haven't please watch this short video of the Democratic (sic) Party Convention delegates having a pro-Israel platform plank (asserting that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel) forced on them in the face of their refusal (three times in a row!) to give it the required two-thirds vote.

The people with the real power at the convention (at which, by the way, the assembled delegates are officially the supreme power) had obviously decided to adopt the plank in the platform in advance of the vote; they just assumed it would win the required two-thirds vote. But when it failed to win the vote, the people with real power simply declared that it passed anyway, telling the delegates to go to hell.

Who are the people with the real power? Clearly not the delegates. Let's just call them the ruling class, because whatever else we know about them, we know that they rule and people like us don't, not even the relative few of us who get to be delegates at the Democratic Party Convention.

This video provides a rare glimpse at the naked reality of not just the fake democracy of the Democratic Party, but of the whole nation. The ruling class makes all of the important policy decisions, no matter how people vote, and no matter which politician gets the most votes. American voters have no more say over what our government does than the DNC delegates have over what "their" party's platform will be.

We need a revolution. Please see Thinking about Revolution for discussion about the possibility of building a revolutionary movement in the United States.

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