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What Would New Democracy Do If We Were In Brazil?

by Dave Stratman

June 22, 2013

[This following is my reply to a person who asked the question in the title]



Good question. Not having detailed info, we can only make generalizations, but I feel sure we would do much as we do now; that is, encourage people to make democratic revolution the open and conscious goal of their struggle.

Within the goal of revolution, the tactics would be:
    1) Spread the struggle to all elements of the working classes, farmers and agricultural workers, etc.. Extend the struggle to the workplace, with mass strikes, occupations, takeovers of all production, etc..
    2) Win the military to the Revolution. Encourage soldiers'  councils, etc.
    3) Promote everywhere democratic discussion of a new society. What should be its goals and direction, how should real democracy be organized?
Within this broad framework, I think New Democracy would want to show that the idea of a new world is an extension of the best values that ordinary people already exercise in their lives. Revolution is not a step into unknown territory. It is a step into the best of what working people already do now, and extending it to the whole of society. Ordinary people organized in democratic discussion--not political or intellectual elites--are the best judges of the possibilities and organization of the new world.
I assume that all or many of these things are being done now in Brazil; they are the things that people have always done when they become more confident and conscious of their own power.
Of course there will be many elements of the status quo that will seek to sidetrack and destroy the Revolution: the Left, the Right, the U.S., all antidemocratic forces. So New Democracy would have an additional task. In addition to promoting positive ideas about people, we would want to:
    4) Subject all anti-democratic ideas and forces to exposure and defeat.
These are my thoughts. I'd be interested to hear others'.

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