bulletTurn the World Upside Down is New Democracy member John Spritzler's blog, focused on building solidarity with Palestinians and all others who are fighting apartheid Israel. is an excellent source for antiwar news, viewpoints and activities. It was started by libertarians who have created an "online magazine and research tool designed to keep the American people informed about the overseas plans of their rulers."
bulletAxis Of Logic--Finding Clarity In The 21st Century Mediaplex. "We identify 'Corporate Global Empire' as our common foe and the enemy of the people. We believe that all current, viable political parties in the U.S. are in service to the empire and do not represent the people."
bulletAZ Standards is an information and action group opposed to test driven education and "high stakes" testing.
bulletBrazos Valley Sudbury School. A Texas alternative school where learning is nurtured in an atmosphere of trust, freedom, and democracy, and where all people are respected as equals.
bulletThe Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in 1980 to promote research on economic and social policy issues from a progressive point of view.
bulletCenter on Peace & Liberty is "an integrated program of research, publications, events, media, and Internet projects to boldly advance understanding of government “crises” and their impact on the institutions of a free society." Related sites: The Independent Institute (featuring "Taking Stock One Year After the U.S. Invasion of Iraq") and
bulletCommunity Labor News "CLNews connects advocates with activists and ideas with direct action."
bulletThe Dean Of Cincinnati. Promoting vigorous intellectual discussion.
bulletIndustrial Workers of the World. The (unofficial) United States IWW home page.
bulleti'n'i (investigating the 'new' imperialism) Featuring essays by William Bowles from Great Britain hitting the 'new' imperialists.
bulletThe Jackson Progressive. An online journal of politics and the arts.
bulletProfessing - Dennis Fox's Home Page. Radical psychology, law and justice, corporations, technology.
bulletThe Sophie Flyer by Tom Laney, UAW Local 879. Includes Nuts and Bolts - the shop floor newsletter.
bulletSubstance is the "monthly newspaper for people who want the truth about public education."
bulletSusan Ohanian Speaks Out -- "If teachers don't speak up for children, who will?"
bulletTraprock Peace Center -- "Together we explore nonviolence, foster community, work to end war, promote communication and take initiatives on justice and environmental issues."