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                       SAMENESS AND DIFFERENCE


The famous physicist David Bohm wrote, “To be confused about what is different and what is not is to be confused about everything.” (Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 1980)  There is confusion in the Public Mind, in which  it is generally trying to make different what is not different and make what is not identical the same.   The 1% who exploit and profit from the labor of the other 99% have been using the weapon of ideological fragmentation to weaken working class consciousness. Utilizing the mass media, think tanks and the educational system the political economy of capitalism has promoted, propagated and perpetuated thinking that magnifies what is different and minimizes what is the same. This propaganda system promotes exclusive, political identity politics such as religion, ethnicity, caste, culture, nationalism, race etc, among members of the working class despite the fact that all workers must sell their labor power and all workers share 99% of the same DNA.

Ending this confusion in the minds of the working class requires struggle to demonstrate that the differences are more similar and the similarities are less different.


Nayvin Gordon is a retired physician who has written many articles on health and politics.  He can be reached at




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