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by Dr. Nayvin Gordon

June 23, 2019

“The mass media serve as a system for communicating messages and symbols to the general population.”  Its function is to “inculcate individuals with values, beliefs and codes of behavior… this role require systemic propaganda.” (Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman, 1988)

The mass media deliberately and systematically manipulates the news.  The media also diverts our attention by creating “threats”.  This is achieved by manufacturing scapegoats.  Certain groups such as immigrants’, Muslims, Jews, and Blacks etc., are labeled as criminals, animals, rapists, gangsters and drug dealers.  These groups then come to be seen as a threat. Such media propaganda creates fear.  Scientists have shown that our brain’s limbic system unconsciously controls the emotion of fear, and once activated can lead to violent aggression. (The Roots of Human Aggression, Scientific American, May 2019)

The mass media also manipulate the news by--

--- Diverting our attention from the fact that 99% of us have to sell our labor power to survive.

---Diverting our attention from the fact that we working people share more similarities than differences.

---Diverting our attention from questioning the profit driven economic system of corporate capitalism that puts profits over the needs of the world’s working class.

     We must be mindful of how our brain’s limbic system is being manipulated by the mass media in an attempt to break down the natural solidarity of the working class.


Dr. Gordon is a California Family Physician who has written many articles on health and politics.  He may be reached at




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