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The U.S. Government Secretly Backs ISIS While Pretending to Fight It. Ordinary Muslims are ISIS's MAIN Victims & Making Americans Fear Muslims is the Main Purpose

by John Spritzler

February 6, 2017

[Also see "Links to Some Facts about Muslims & Islam" from which this is an excerpt]

[Also see "There is no evidence Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11"]

[Also see "Drones Create Hatred of the U.S., Which Is Their Real Purpose"] (also at In Just Under 4 Minutes, CBS News Anchor Explains How and Why the US Created ISIS US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was 'a willful Washington decision' ISIS is a U.S. Intelligence tool designed to keep Americans fearful of Muslims "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies"--General Wesley Clark "Exposed: French Military Caught Planning ISIS False Flag Attack" "10 Signs that ISIS is a Scripted Psyop" "Israel intelligence chief: We do not want ISIS defeat in Syria" "ISIS is a U.S.-Israeli Creation. Top Ten 'Indications'" "ISIS’s Gruesome Muslim Death Toll: The group’s killing of Westerners gets attention. But ISIS has killed far more Muslims, and publicizing that fact would harm it more" "Are most victims of terrorism Muslim?" (This reports the opinion of the Global Terrorism Database's Erin Miller: "So while she doubts that 95% of terrorism victims are Muslim, she thinks the truth might not be far off. 'It's not out of the realm of possibility, given the extreme concentration of attacks in majority-Muslim countries,' Miller says.") "Muslims Hate ISIS Most of All: Before the Paris horror, ISIS was killing Muslims on a daily basis. We Muslims despise these crazy people more than anyone else does."

See Sibel Edmunds, in this video, give eyewitness testimony to the fact that the U.S. government is deliberately inserting ISIS individuals among the mainly innocent refugees (who are traumatized by these ISIS individuals) going into Europe via Greece, and also that the U.S. is deliberately making people go (as refugees) to Europe who would not otherwise do so.



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