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The People Versus Virtually the Entire Corporate-Political Elite: Can You Guess What the Issue Is?

by John Spritzler

March 13, 2013

See if you can guess what the issue is. A majority of the voters in one state (including 70% of African Americans) voted one way, but virtually the entire corporate and political elite are opposed to them. Here are just some of the elite persons, and corporations, who are opposed to the people on this issue:

  • Presidents Obama, Carter and Clinton
  • Vice Presidents Biden, Cheney and Gore
  • Apple Corporation
  • Nike Corporation
  • Facebook
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Hewlett Packard Corporation
  • Google
  • A list of 100 Republican and conservative signers including:
    • former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman
    • Paul Wolfowitz, former president of the World Bank
    • Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah
    • Beth Meyers, former Romney presidential campaign manager
    • Jim Comey, former U.S. deputy attorney general
  • Almost 300 corporations and employers including Fortune 500 companies (no big businesses supported the other side--the side the people voted for)
  • Valerie Long, executive vice-president of the labor union, SEIU
  • Republican congressman Jim Kolbe
  • Congressman Patrick Murphy
  • Clint Eastwood
  • The Democratic Party National Platform
  • The Green Party
  • The Communist Party
  • The Socialist Party
  • The Libertarian Party
  • Hollywood T.V. prime time shows all support this side (no shows support the other side)

The curious thing is that the side of this issue that the above list of people and corporations are on is generally portrayed in our mass media, paradoxically, as the underdog side, as the side that is challenging the establishment, as the side that is fighting against the conservative big money powers who like inequality, and as the side that is fighting for equality. The side that the people (including, let me remind you, 70% of African Americans) voted for is portrayed in the mass media as the side that is defending inequality. What could explain this paradox?

Could it be that the likes of the Republican National Committee Chairman and Fortune 500 companies and Dick Cheney are supporting their side for a reason that actually has nothing to do with wanting to make our society more equal? Could it be that the reason no big bussinesses supported the side that the people voted for is because Big Business is for INequality, not equality? Could it be that the leaders of big unions like SEIU support the same side as Big Business because they are actually on the same side as Big Business and control their rank-and-file members on behalf of Big Business? Could it be that the Leftist political parties oppose the side of the people because they don't really have any more respect for ordinary people than the CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations do?

To find out what the issue is (have you already guessed it?) go here and here and here. To see why it is not really paradoxical that people are on the sides they are on go here and here and here.

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