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Here's why wearing the PDR button and giving them to others is a terrific way to help build a popular egalitarian revolutionary movemment that one day can actually remove the plutocracy from power.


Millions of Americans know that we are living in a fake democracy that is really a dictatorship of the rich. Millions of Americans would love it if there were an egalitarian revolution to, as the PDR button says, "Remove the rich from power. Have real not fake democracy, with No Rich and No Poor."




The ruling class's #1 method of social control is to prevent this majority from KNOWING it is the majority and thereby to keep people paralyzed by hopelessness. This is why one never sees egalitarian revolutionary aspirations expressed in the mass (or alternative!) media even though most people share these aspirations--the plutocracy that owns these media censor such views to ensure that we will think that hardly anybody else shares them.


To build the kind of mass egalitarian revolutionary movement that can eventually win over a critical mass of rank-and-file soldiers to its side (they didn't enlist to keep the rich in power, you know!); and to persuade these soldiers that the revolutionary movement is large enough and determined enough so that if they support it and refuse to obey orders to attack it they will likely be on the winning side and not executed as a traitor for going over to the losing side; and thereby actually to remove the rich from power, the first step is to help the majority of Americans who would love for this to happen to see that they are in fact a majority. This is what is required for millions of Americans to gain the hopefulness and confidence to build such a revolutionary movement.


HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP THIS HAPPEN. Order some PDR buttons (click here to do this) and wear one and keep others in your pocket or purse. As you go about your routine day, ask people you see what they think of the button (most people won't read it unless you call their attention to it). Ask the person who operates the cash register and rings up your groceries, the bank teller where you bank, the person who hands you your prescription drugs when you pick them up, your mail delivery person, the person standing behind you in line whenever you're in a line, your friends and co-workers, and anybody else you happen to come in contact with. You will discover that practically all these people say they fully agree with the button. Then offer them a button (most will gladly take it) and encourage them to visit the website on the button. And be sure to tell them that this is a serious campaign (because of the hopelessness, many people will assume it's just a joke.)


If you want to see how people will react to the button, simply watch how random people on the streets in Boston reacted by viewing this video.


After you have done this you will know (deep in your bones, not just intellectually) that you are literally surrounded by people who, like you, would love to see an egalitarian revolution. Then you will have the confidence to ask people to sign "This I Believe" and help towards eventually collecting 130 million signatures that, when displayed publicly (it's NOT a petition!), will let people know what they presently do not know, that they are part of the vast majority in wanting egalitarian revolution, and that this means such a revolution is possible and worth devoting time and energy towards. About 80% of the random people in public places (like grocery stores) who read "This I Believe" sign it.


Just think! You can help make this happen without even changing your normal everyday routine, just by wearing a button and keeping some handy in your pocket or purse. It's legal. It's very enjoyable (seeing the smile on people's faces when they read the button will make your day.) It's cheap. And its an effort that is based on the reality of power in the United States, not on wishful thinking that electing somebody will make the plutocracy step down. (If you think that voting can make a serious difference, please read Voting for President in America: History Is Trying to Tell Us Something.)


This strategy is also based on the fact that mass movements against the ruling elite that don't EXPLICITLY aim to abolish class inequality end up often winning what they do explicitly aim for, but they leave the ruling elite in power and things don't get that much better and often even get worse, for example Jim Crow was abolished by the Civil Rights Movement but got replaced by the New Jim Crow of racist prison incarceration.


Are you ready to build an explicitly egalitarian revolutionary movement? If so, click here to get your PDR buttons.



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