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Just as the very rich use the United States government to protect the wealth and privilege and power of the very rich inside the United States, they also use it to protect the wealth and privilege and power of the very rich in foreign countries. The main conflict in the world is between ordinary people with egalitarian values (regardless of their nationality or race or religion or ethnicity) and privileged ruling elites (regardless of their nationality or race or religion or ethnicity). The American billionaire class's primary concern in it's foreign policy is to prevent ordinary people from taking over any part of the world, because if they did it anywhere it would inspire ordinary people to do it elsewhere. This is why the very rich use the United States government's military, economic and diplomatic power to support anti-democratic and oppressive regimes around the world. This is why the U.S. government supports ruling elites of foreign governments when they commit terrible crimes to control "their" people, such as Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, Saudi Arabia's denial of equal rights to women and harsh exploitation of foreign workers and China's brutal repression of workers in its sweat shops and violent attacks on farmers protesting how the Communist Party oppresses them.


When the egalitarians in the United States (the great majority of people) are finally the ones deciding how the wealth and power of the United States will be used, then for sure it will stop being used to protect the wealth and power of a privileged few and start being used to support the efforts of ordinary people around the world to make the world equal and democratic. No longer will unjust wars based on lies be waged in our name, and no longer will ethnic cleansing of Palestinians be supported in our name.




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