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People for Democratic Revolution is the organizational name of those of us in the Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area who agree with and support this website and the activities it promotes. We sometimes also call ourselves just PDR or PDR-Boston.


The primary purpose of our organization is to help the American public see that it is the great majority of Americans--not just a small and hopelessly weak minority--who would love it if there were an egalitarian revolution, as discussed in our one-page "This I Believe" and in greater detail in the pages of The reason this is vitally important, and the main tactic we are using to advance this strategic goal, are discussed here.


Everything we do--from creating local assemblies of egalitarians, collecting and publicly displaying signatures for "This I Believe," to making YouTube videos of random "person on the street" people saying what they think about egalitarian revolution and other similar videos with specially invited persons--is intended to advance our primary purpose: helping Americans see that a majority of Americans have egalitarian values and would love a revolution to shape all of society by those values.


We are thus a kind of communications media, aiming to let ordinary people communicate their egalitarian values and aspirations  to the American public. We would not need to exist if the mass media or the "alternative" media did this; but they don't, for reasons discussed here.


We are NOT trying to organize or persuade people to fight for any particular reform or to fight against any particular terrible thing that our rulers are doing. Why not? Because people already are doing this plenty.


Our organization's role in connection with such struggles is to help the people engaged in these struggles communicate to the wider public the egalitarian values and revolutionary aspirations that motivate them to wage the particular struggle in the first place. This not only increases wide public support for their struggle, but also strengthens public confidence that egalitarian revolution is possible because it's what a majority of Americans want. This confidence in turn leads to determination and eventually revolution.


How does one become a member of PDRBoston? There is no formal membership. People who participate in and help carry out the activities described on this website become members by acting like members. Our "Events" page has information about how to meet us face-to-face.


We encourage people in other geographical areas to form your own organizations like PDR-Boston, based on agreement with "This I Believe" (or its equivalent in countries other than the United States.) We are very interested in helping you do this!


PDR-Boston is not affiliated with any political party or government or foundation.  We do, however, have a sister website,, that is edited by's editor, John Spritzler. The sister website is owned by New Democracy, which is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, and it officially "does business as" PDR, thus providing PDR itself a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status, which is sometimes very useful. PDR and New Democracy also share a rented post office box in order to save money.





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