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Ring the Bells of Revolution!

Do you want an egalitarian world, with no rich and no poor? One in which all who contribute their fair share of the work enjoy the fruits of the economy freely shared according to reasonable need and desire with everyone treated as true equals?

Do you want laws made only at the local level, with large scale planning and coordination achieved by voluntary federation? And do you disagree with Communists and Socialists who want what always ends up being a notoriously undemocratic Central Government that orders everybody around--just like our present rulers?

Do you want to remove from power the unelected Big Money plutocracy that rules America as a dictatorship of the rich, and uses elections to control us with a fake democracy?


Do you want to live in a society where people are truly free? Where they are free to join with others as equals to make a world where it is a pleasure to live, where people help each other and where people can do the things they love to do and from which they derive great joy and satisfaction?

Do you want to abolish the taboo against saying out loud, "We need a revolution!"?

Do you want millions of Americans to see that they are not alone in wanting revolution for an egalitarian society? Do you want them to gain confidence that, far from being a hopelessly weak minority, they are a majority that can realistically persuade enough soldiers to join them to make revolution truly possible?

Then ring the bells of revolution, by helping to collect and publicly display signatures for the revolutionary statement, “This I Believe,”* from a majority of adults in the United States: first step goal 1,000 signatures, followed by 10,000, then 100,000 and on and on.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how many of your friends and neighbors and coworkers will sign “This I Believe” when you ask them to. Standing on street corners we find that about 80% of those who stop to read it sign it. When we display the signatures publicly our fellow Americans who have revolutionary aspirations will see, for the first time, that they are not alone. When people waging a struggle for this or that sign it, they will gain wider support because the deeper revolutionary aspirations behind their struggle will be made explicit and  millions of other Americans will say, "Yes! Those people are fighting for the same thing I am fighting for. We're all in this together."


Get in touch with us at We are a handful of people in the Boston area who recently joined together as People for Democratic Revolution. We are not connected to any other organization. We are online at A website that many of us like is and a pamphlet that talks about what an egalitarian society might look like is "Thinking about Revolution" at


* Online at  or click here                                 





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